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  • Ary Michel

HUMPDAY in the US of A...

Alabama did a number on their female population today. On women, on the welfare of the United States. Does that sound a bit dramatic? Maybe because it is. Today Governor Kay Ivey signed an abortion ban into law. Yesterday 25 white male Republicans in the Alabama senate voted to ban abortion at every stage of pregnancy, yes that means as soon as you miss your first period. This makes it the nation's most restrictive law regarding abortion. So it doesn't matter that you just missed your period and it's only been 4 weeks since conception, you cannot head over to the clinic to get an early term abortion without being charged with a felony!! Yes, dramatic. There's an IF, a ray of light, some "hope", you are ALLOWED an abortion IF your physical or mental health is in jeopardy. If not, the doctor performing the abortion could face up 99 years in prison!!! Rapists do NOT even get that! I cannot wrap my mind around this "logic". This ladies and gentlemen is the world as we know it in 2019. The bill is being called the "Human Life Protection Act". This bill protects the "life" of an unborn fetus, not the life of the living mother. How? The following excerpt was taken from an article online:

"Today, I signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act," Ivey wote in a statement Wednesday evening. "To the bill's many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians' deeply held belief that every life is precious & that every life is a sacred gift from God." 

So...we're throwing God into the mix? We're mixing church and state once again? So if a woman became pregnant by accident, by failed contraception, even by rape, she has to accept this "sacred gift from God"? Wooooow, woooow, wooow! Again, 2019 ya'll!!! I am baffled to say the least, in disbelief. Surely this will be challenged and Roe v. Wade will be brought up. And I CANNOT wait!

With all that said, everyone has their own opinion and everyone is entitled to it. And you, he and the next person can think pro-life is the way to be and terminating a pregnancy is the devil's work. However, you cannot decide that an unwanted pregnancy should continue despite that woman's non-existent desire to become a mother. You just cannot. It is absolutely nobody's place but HER'S to decide that. I still don't know where and how such a life changing experience for one immediate person became the world's business and opportunity to talk about morals, religion and all the other shit that you may want to throw in to validate your opinion. How is it that we want to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies full term, birth the LIVING BABY and support said child for LIFE when they were never wanted? Single moms, low income moms, anyone have an answer? Will the government hand out child support in any form to any mother denied an abortion? I just don't get it. Let those of us who want to be moms, mother and those that don't, decide what they want to do with the unexpected pregnancy. WOMEN, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!